US Still Unconvinced on Syria Chemical Weapons Claims

France Claims Proof of Sarin Use by Govt

Following up on the occasional claims from other hawkish nations, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has claimed that France has absolute, undeniable “proof” that confirms the use of sarin-based chemical weapons by the Syrian government in the ongoing civil war.

The “proof” begins and ends with a claim of tests having been done, and no actual data related to such tests were released to the public, expecting us to take the officials’ word for it. The Obama Administration made it clear they’re unwilling to do so.

The White House was quick to reiterate its long-standing position that they don’t believe the information constitutes “proof” and that they “need more information” before drawing any actual conclusions.

Israel, Britain and France have been the primary sources of such allegations, with the UN’s own statements suggesting that it was “likely” that chemical weapons were used, but by the rebels, not the Syrian government.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of