Pentagon Mulls Afghan Surge After 2014

Insists 'Bridging Force' Could Be Needed for 2-3 Years

The Pentagon has been clear about the last Afghan surge being a resounding success, despite death tolls soaring throughout the period and the level of violence still enormous nationwide. That doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t going to do it again.

After being given a recommendation in a report by retired Gen. John Allen, the Pentagon is now said to be considering another surge post-2014, adding a secondary “bridging force” on top of the deployment already planned for the nominally “post-war” period.

NATO is all set to declare the Afghan War over after 2014, deciding that apparently 13 years is the charm, but also seems perfectly comfortable with doing everything they’re doing now, and just not calling it a war.

But even their expectations of a sort-of-ready Afghan military in 2015 appears to have been dramatically over-optimistic, and that has the Pentagon looking for new ways to add yet more troops to the conflict “above and beyond the Enduring Force.” They say this secondary force could stay for 2-3 years, meaning by the end of 2017, or so the plan goes, the troop level could drop a bit.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of