Syrian Rebels Spurn Peace Talks, Issue More Demands

Won't Even Consider Attending Unless Hezbollah Withdraws

Next month’s Geneva Conference looks like it will have to do without the rebel Syrian National Coalition (SNC). After announcing they would take part last Friday, then saying they hadn’t decided Wednesday, the SNC now says they won’t be there.

The latest statement came from SNC acting President George Sabra, who says that the group won’t even consider taking part in the peace talks unless Hezbollah and assorted other pro-government militias unilaterally withdraw from Syria first.

“Syrians’ lives are more important than any political solution,” Sabra added, meaning it seems that the efforts to broker a solution to end the fighting is going to be taking place without any representation from any of the rebel factions in Syria.

The Syrian government has promised to participate, though they added that any transition deal would be predicated on a referendum supporting it. In the end, the Geneva conference seems like to center around the US and Russia debating a settlement to someone else’s war with no way of actually making the deal happen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of