Syria, Israel Trade Fire, Warnings Across Golan Frontier

No Injuries Reported, But Tensions on the Rise

Israeli and Syrian troops clashed today along the frontier of the Golan Heights, the third time in a week that fire has gone across the de facto border (a ceasefire line established in 1974).

No injuries were reported on either side, though there was some damage to an Israeli vehicle. The incident fueled more warnings from both sides, however, and showed how easily the border troops can end up clashing under the current state of affairs.

Israeli officials insisted that one of their vehicles came under fire first, and threatened “consequences” if the incident is repeated. Syrian officials threatened “immediate and firm retaliation” to any cross-border raids.

Exactly what happened remains a matter of dispute between the two sides, with Syria claiming the vehicle they fired on crossed the ceasefire line and was destroyed, while Israeli officials insisted it only suffered minor damage, and claimed “direct hits” on Syrian targets. Syria, for its part, says Israel’s missile attacks landed near a town but didn’t hit anything.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of