Reuters Poll: Americans Strongly Opposed to Attacking Syria

Second Poll in a Row Showing Solid Opposition to New War

A new Reuters poll has found an overwhelming number of Americans opposed to attacking Syria, with only 10 percent in favor and 61 percent firmly averse to the idea.

Even if the Syrian government began using chemical weapons, posed as a separate question in the poll, the number in support is only 27 percent, well below the 44 percent that remain opposed.

This is the second poll in as many days reflecting an opposition to starting a new war in Syria, with a NY Times/CBS poll yesterday showing a 24-63 percent opposition in a differently worded question about “responsibility” to attack Syria on behalf of the rebels. That poll also showed opposition to attacking North Korea, something not mentioned in today’s.

The Obama Administration has yet to comment on the popular opposition, but reports suggest that they are moving toward arming the rebels, perhaps seeing his as a more politically palatable alternative to a direct invasion.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of