Pentagon: North Korea a ‘Real and Clear Danger’

Rep. King: US Has 'Moral Obligation' to Attack North Korea

Though all the analysts agree that North Korea’s comments on an imminent war are merely posturing, and US intelligence officials have conceded that there don’t seem to have been any serious moves by North Korea to change their military’s mobilization, US officials are still talking up war as a matter of course.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has declared North Korea a “real and clear danger” to the United States, and the Pentagon has reportedly asked China to intervene to prevent North Korea from following through on its threats.

Generals are calling the situation in Korea “extremely volatile,” and the US keeps adding more warships and nuclear-weapons bearing bombers to the peninsula, while the State Department vows to defend South Korea at all costs.

And if the administration sees war as a grim possibility, it was inevitable that Congressional hawks would start salivating at a welcome diversion from the ongoing budget battle.

Rep. Peter King (R – NY), always among the first to talk up any war, insisted that the US should not “wait until Americans are killed or wounded or injured in any way,” saying that if North Korea’s threats are sincere the US has a “right” and a “moral obligation” to launch a preemptive military attack against them.

Though most of North Korea’s “threats” are centered around video game footage and plans that involve them using weapons they don’t have, the administration is trying to balance their comments between downplaying the idea of imminent annihilation while playing up North Korea as a super serious threat that requires dramatic outlays of manpower and funding for missile defense systems to shoot down non-existing incoming salvos.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of