Afghan Govt: NATO War ‘Aimless and Unwise’

Lashes NATO Charges of Ingratitude

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen faulted the Afghan government and the people living under NATO occupation in Afghanistan, saying they need to be more grateful for the “sacrifices” the alliance has made in spending over a decade conquering their nation.

Despite opposition figures expressing concern that the continued public criticism of the occupation is costing Afghan businesses foreign investment, the Karzai government responded by slamming the continuation of the war, and insisting NATO is acting in an “aimless and unwise” manner.

Rasmussen’s condemnations follow occupation leader Gen. Joseph Dunford’s claims to be “working” to resolve Karzai’s issues with the war, including a recent CIA offensive against a college, that ended with them kidnapping and torturing an engineering student.

Karzai has also insisted his criticisms were only intended to “correct” serious problems with the occupation, but with so much momentum in NATO behind claiming “progress” in the war and shrugging off any allegations of failure as lies, it is unlikely any serious policy changes will be made in the near-term, while pointing out NATO’s failures is simply going to annoy them.

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