US Commander ‘Working’ to Resolve Karzai Complaints

Sen Levin: Karzai Making War Harder by Complaining

The top US commander in occupied Afghanistan, Gen. Dunford, says that he is working on an effort to resolve Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s recent complaints about US troops, and doing so with a “sense of urgency.”

Karzai had criticized the US earlier this month, accusing them of “colluding” with the Taliban and demanding that the CIA stop kidnapping and torturing university students.

Exactly how the US hopes to resolve these complaints short of not kidnapping and torturing university students is unclear, and indeed the US seems madder about the complaints than the abuse.

Gen. Dunford initially responded to Karzai’s complaints by putting the military “on alert,” and Sen. Carl Levin (D – MI) today blasted Karzai, saying his comments were making victory “more problematic” and warning it might discourage America from continuing the occupation if Karzai kept saying such things.

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