Syrian Rebels Blame US for Not Winning Civil War

Leaders Insist US Keeping Them From Getting Really Good Arms

Syrian rebel leaders are conceding that the current Syrian Civil War is not close to ending, with one spokesman saying there was “no quick and practical end” on the horizon for the conflict.

Those officials are placing the blame squarely on the US, accusing them of having plotted to keep them from getting really heavy weapons from the Saudi government and other nations that are eager to arm them.

The US has been facilitating arms transfers into Syria for the rebels, but are said to be opposed to sending certain types of arms, including anti-aircraft weaponry, because the rebels have been open about wanting to attack civilian aircraft with them.

Syrian rebels have already attacked civilian aircraft with the limited weaponry they have available, and say they consider all civilian aircraft in Syria to be “legitimate military targets.”

The rebels have been complaining about the weapons they have received virtually from the moment the war began, insisting that compared to the hypothetical influx of arms they expected what they got is insufficient, and is keeping them from conquering the country.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of