Turkey: Two Syrian Generals, 11 Colonels Have Defected

Defecting Leaders Arrived With Families in Hatay

Though the rate at which high profile military leaders are defecting from Syria has slowed, a new batch of refugees has shown up in the Turkish Province of Hatay today, according to Turkish state media.

The 71 people who arrived included two as-yet-unnamed generals and 11 colonels in the Syrian military, along with their families. They were taken to a camp for military defectors, which houses the large numbers who left earlier in the civil war.

One of the largest rebel forces, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is made of chiefly of military defectors, and is led by a council of defected generals, most of whom defected when the fighting really started to escalate.

The impact of the latest defections is unclear, and will likely remains so until the identities of the defectors and what their positions within the military were remains clear. Though many past defectors came with entire units of defected troops, this group appears to have just been a collection of leaders with their families.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.