European Union Plans Escalation Into Africa

New Missions to Hit Libya, Mali

The idea of the European Union actually staying in Europe seems to be falling by the wayside, as the multinational body is moving forward with plans for a major escalation, including force, in Africa.

Several EU nations were involved in last year’s attack on Libya. With that war “over” and the nation still in complete chaos, EU official Catherine Ashton says that a “fact-finding mission” is going to be deployed to Libya this month to try to prepare a “Common Security and Defence Policy” deployment to the nation, a key oil supplier to Europe.

Of course the biggest fallout from Libya’s collapse, besides of course the constant city-to-city fighting inside Libya that continues to this day, was a secessionist movement in northern Mali. So, according to Ashton, the EU is working on a military role in the inevitable invasion of that impoverished nation.

France and Britain, both EU members, have been big supporters of the idea of attacking northern Mali to impose the “interim government” installed by a military coup earlier this year on the rest of the nation. Factions in the north, including Islamist group Ansar Dine, have been pushing for negotiations, but it seems the plans for attack continue to move forward much more rapidly and with more EU eagerness than any suggestion of peace.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of