78 Soldiers Slain as Syrian Rebels Release Video of Executions

Video Depicts War Crime in Progress, Notes Amnesty

Opposition activists reported 78 Syrian soldiers killed today in various attacks by rebel forces, as they attacked checkpoints en masse and executed captives in the Idlib Province, sparking concern of growing war crimes.

Among the incidents was a video released showing rebel forces beating captured government soldiers and then executing eight of them on tape. The pro-rebel Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the killings took place in Saraqeb, in Idlib.

The soldiers executed in the video were unarmed, and had apparently been captured at a checkpoint. Amnesty International said the video showed apparent “war crimes in progress.”

The killings add to concerns about the rebels’ shaky human rights record, even as rebel groups have continued to lash the regime for its own “massacres” in the ongoing civil war. As the war continues to escalate, the combatants seem less and less interested in keeping their detainees, with rebel groups increasingly resorting to torture and summary executions.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.