US Slams New Iranian Plan to End Nuclear Dispute

Deal Would End 20 Percent Enrichment for End to Oil Embargo

New reports are emerging of another Iranian initiative to end the ongoing dispute over their civilian nuclear program, and virtually the moment the news hit the Obama Administration was out condemning the plan as unacceptable.

The “nine step” Iranian plan is essentially a simple one, with Iran winding down 20 percent enrichment throughout the steps as the European Union and the US work to end an ongoing embargo of Iranian oil, with both the sanctions and the 20 percent enrichment wrapping up at the end of the plan.

The Obama Administration says that ending the production of 20 percent enriched uranium wouldn’t “guarantee” that Iran can’t make a weapon, even though 20 percent enriched uranium is well below weapons grade to begin with, saying it is unacceptable for Iran to even be allowed to keep the existing uranium in the country.

Even as they insist the deal is unacceptable, officials are crowing that the offer is vindication for the sanctions, providing that they have crippled Iran’s economy to the point that its government is panicking and trying to work something out.

In the end though, Iran’s willingness to cut a deal was never in serious doubt, and is probably totally irrelevant as the US seems determined to reject any conceivable compromise.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of