Syrian Rebels Attack Lebanese Army Post Along Border

No Casualties Reported in Battle

The Lebanese military has deployed reinforcements to the Arsal region, near the border with Syria, after Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels attacked a military post near the border, sparking a brief gunbattle before fleeing into the mountains.

The statement from the Lebanese Army says that this was the “second time in under a week” that a unit from the FSA, made up chiefly of Syrian military defectors, has crossed the border into the territory.

No casualties were reported in the initial clash, and the military says that they have deployed troops into the mountainous region along the border to try to track down the fighters responsible for the attack.

As fighting in Syria’s civil war has gotten close to the borders with Lebanon and Turkey, the rebels have regularly crossed the border in an attempt to outflank the Syrian military, which could not pursue them without creating an international incident.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of