Syria Rebels Claim Massive Weekend Massacre in Damascus Suburb

'At least 371' Reported Slain

Syrian rebel factions are claiming a massive massacre in the Damascus suburbs this weekend, with initial estimations of 371 killed and later comments saying it could be “as many as 600.”

Images of bodies have come out of the region, including one showing rows of bodies, apparently inside of a mosque in the area. Rebels claimed the bulk of the casualties were shot execution-style at point-blank range.

Which is what is raising questions about the rebel narrative, as it goes against their past claims that civilians were being killed primarily by “indiscriminate shelling” against the suburbs. In the past rebels have changed stories several times and claimed massacres which were later discredited.

Both regime and rebels have tried to play up the other side’s killing of civilians, while downplaying their own loses of fighters. The ongoing civil war seems to be escalating, however, leaving more and more civilians in harm’s way.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of