Afghan Soldiers Attack NATO Troops

Second 'Green-on-Blue' Attack This Week

A pair of Afghan soldiers attacked a group of NATO troops outside of a base today. None of the NATO soldiers were killed but one of the attackers was. The other attacker was reportedly captured.

The Taliban took credit for the attack, saying one of the attackers had been in contact with them before the shooting. It is the 21st “green-on-blue” attack of 2012, and the second of this week, after a Tuesday attack saw one US soldier slain.

The nationality of the soldiers attacked today in the Laghman Province was not released, but NATO officials said there were no fatalities. They declined to comment on if anyone was wounded.

27 NATO soldiers have been killed in such incidents so far this year, the most in any single year yet. Several of the incidents involved Taliban infiltrators, but many were also the results of arguments between Afghans and occupation forces.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of