US Envoy Vows Help in Israeli Retaliation Against Bulgaria Bombing

Officials Still Not Really Sure Who Did It

Iran, Hezbollah, some random Swedish guy from Guantanamo Bay, or none of the above? There are plenty of theories as to who was exactly responsible for the bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria which killed five Israelis, but no concrete proof to support any of them.

These are unnecessary details, apparently, to US officials, as Ambassador Dan Shapiro today pledged US support for Israeli retaliation, saying Israel has an undisputed right to “self defense.”

But self defense again who? That’s not clear at all. Israeli officials were quick to blame Iran, pointing the finger at them virtually the moment the story broke. Others have since blamed Hezbollah, seeing that as a way to kind of blame both Lebanon and Iran.

Former Mossad Chief Danny Yatom was quick to caution against this, however, saying Israel doesn’t know who did it and shouldn’t be making allegations until they figure it out. That seems like reasonable advice, but reasonableness isn’t the strong suit of either current government, and so is likely to be disregarded in favor of sabre-rattling.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of