Syrian Troops Retake Damascus Neighborhood in Offensive

Fighting Escalates in Several Other Districts of Capital

Syrian troops retook the Midan neighborhood of the capital city of Damascus today in heavy fighting with the rebel forces which captured it earlier in the week. The rebels cited the loss of the territory as a “tactical retreat.”

It was just one of several neighborhoods and districts around the capital which remain contested, and fighting reportedly escalated in several places, with thousands of civilians fleeing the city to escape the civil war.

Rebels put today’s death toll at “more than 300,” though such figures are always the subject of considerable dispute. Several other claims of major death tolls by rebels have ended up being discredited.

Still, the fighting seems like its definitely on the rise on both sides in Damascus, with the regime warning civilians to get out of the city within 48 hours and rebels touting a “guerrilla war” in the area.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of