No Deal With Iran at Moscow Talks, Next Round in Istanbul

EU Downplays Significance of Upcoming Talks

Negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 in Moscow have come to an end, once again short of any sort of agreement. The two sides did agree to a next round of talks, in early July, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Western officials were scant on details of what the disagreements were that prevented the finalization of a deal, but EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton seemed to downplay the next round of talks, saying there were “significant gaps” between the two sides.

Indeed the western officials never made it clear what their demands were, but yesterday Iran was said to have laid out a detailed response of what they are willing to accept as part of “intense” negotiations. In particular Iran said any concessions would require a guarantee of access to fuel for their medical research reactor.

In the end no deal was reached, and once again hawkish officials will have a few weeks to rail against the idea of talks before the two sides meet again.

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