US Military Planning ‘Completed’ for Syria Attack

Pentagon Claims 'Full Understanding' of What Would Be Needed for War

After weeks of conflicting reports on whether or not they were planning in the first place, the Pentagon is now confirming that not only did they conduct planning for an attack on Syria, but that the planning is now completed for such an attack.

Officials commenting on the situation to CNN say that the military has a “full understanding” of the types and number of troops and units needed for different potential attacks on Syria, and were ready to present those options as soon as President Obama asks.

The Obama Administration has said they would only attack Syria after the United Nations Security Council authorized it, which seems a virtual impossibility given both Russian and Chinese opposition to a NATO attack, but seems likely to take any pretext they are given by the UN as a full-scale imprimatur for war.

The sudden completeness of the plans is surprising, as only a week ago Gen. Martin Dempsey insisted that the military had put all planning “on hold” because they were never given any goals upon which to base their plans.

In March Dempsey had claimed a “commanders’ estimate level of detail” and that detailed planning wouldn’t take place until it was requested by either President Obama or Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

According to today’s CNN report, much of the planning has centered around Jordan, and US special forces are already on the ground “advising” Jordan on their possible options to take against Syria. Officials added that Syria’s chemical weapons sites were “getting a fair amount of attention” in the talks with Jordan.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of