Mossad Scaling Back Iran Assassinations

Officials Say Netanyahu Fears Attacks 'Going Awry'

New reports from top Israeli officials reveal that Mossad has dramatically scaled back its covert operations, including its active assassination program in Iran, by “dozens of percents” in recent months.

The officials say that Mossad is expressing “increasing dissatisfaction” at being ordered to scale back the attacks, but that Prime Minister Netanyahu is concerned with the operations “being discovered or going awry.”

Being discovered seems like an odd concern, since Israeli officials eagerly take credit every time anything goes wrong in Iran, and they have even taken responsibility for incidents that Iranian officials said were accidental.

At times, however, Mossad operations have been pretty embarrassing, like the revelation that Mossad used fake US passports and US cash to recruit Jundallah to launch terrorist attacks in Iran, hoping that the militants could be convinced they were the CIA.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of