Netanyahu: Israel Reserves Right to Attack Iran

Insists Any Negotiations With Iran a 'Trap'

Speaking today in Ottawa, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the notion of the P5+1 holding additional negotiations with Iran, saying that any talks with the nation amounted to a “trap” in his first public comments on a visit to North America aimed at pressing the US for war.

Visiting with his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper today, Netanyahu insisted Iran was “relentless” in its “pursuit of nuclear weapons “and that Israel had to “reserve the right” to launch an attack against them.

While top officials insist publicly that the US remains by Israel’s side unquestioningly on Iran, there is considerable discontent among Israeli officials that the Obama Administration isn’t nearly as eager to attack Iran as they’d hoped, and the US is pressing Israel to “delay” the attack through the summer.

Meanwhile, Israel has warned the US that they won’t give them any advanced notice when they do decide to attack Iran, and has publicly pressed for increasingly absurd strategy, including mass starvation of Iranian civilians, in a sign that keeping Israel satisfied with something short of a war is going to be next to impossible going forward.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of