Reports: Dozens Killed as Syrian Forces Bombard Homs

FSA Leader: Only Military Options Are on the Table

Violence continued in the Syrian city of Homs today with reported mortar and rocket fire against the city and dozens of additional deaths. Today’s reports count an additional 31 killed in the city, added to the 321 said to be killed in the past few days.

The violence comes in the wake of the veto of the UN Security Council’s resolution condemning Syria’s government. Western officials insis that the veto was a “license to kill” for the Assad regime.

The resolution, however, had already ruled out the military invasion some were seeking, and while it still left open calls for a negotiated settlement, the armed opposition appears to have no interest in that. Free Syrian Army commander Col. Assad insisted that “only military options are on the table.

While the veto gives Western officials a chance to blame Russia and China for the continuing violence in Syria, there was little chance that the UN was going to stop it. Instead, a civil war continues to spread in the absence of any serious efforts to settle things, and even the Arab League’s monitors are long gone.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of