Fox News Analyst Agrees to Testify on Role in Pakistan’s Coup Memo

Army Promises to Ensure Analyst's Safety

The Pakistani Supreme Court’s inquiry into the “coup memo” looks to be moving forward again today, with the Fox News Analyst who initially delivered the memo agreeing to fly to Islamabad and testify on the matter.

The analyst, Mansoor Ijaz, physically wrote the memo and delivered it to Admiral Michael Mullen. The memo was address from Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and asked for US military help in ousting several top Pakistani generals, promising to replace them with more pro-US figures.

Ijaz has delayed his visit in the past, and says he is applying for his visa to visit Pakistan and testify next week. The exact date of the testimony has not yet been made public, and condemnation from President Zardari’s party, which has accused Ijaz of forging the memo as part of some plot against the civilian government, raised questions about his safety.

Pakistani military officials, however, say that they have agreed to provide security for Ijaz directly, avoiding any potential danger in letting the Interior Ministry, which has called for Ijaz’s capture, taking the lead in his visit.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of