US Report on Pakistan Attack Blames NATO for Failures

Pakistan Formally Rejects US Report on Killings

Less than a week after insisting that the attack on a Pakistani military base was “appropriate” and “justified,” the US has released the full version of their report on the November 26 incident blaming NATO for the massive death toll.

The report insists that it took NATO “about 45 minutes” from the time they got the call from Pakistan that the US warplanes were bombing their bases to get around to ordering them to stop the attack.

Pakistan was already irked about the first statements on the matter, and has submitted a letter to the US Congress criticizing the full report, saying that NATO knew about the attacks within 15 minutes yet continued for much more than just another 45 minutes.

The attack has been condemned as intentional by Pakistani military leaders, but US officials insist that it was simply lack of communication and that they had no clue they were bombing known Pakistani military bases for roughly two hours.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of