Iranian Troops ‘On Alert’ in Face of Growing Threats

Tehran Residents Stock Up on Supplies Amid Fear of Impending Attack

Western intelligence sources are reporting that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is ratcheting up its combat readiness today, as well as deploying troops to defensive positions amid fear that an attack is in the offing. Western reports also have sleeper agents in Tehran launching attacks.

Of course the prospect of an attack on Iran is nothing new, and the nation has been facing international threats of an imminent attack virtual since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, with claims that they are within a matter of months of obtaining a nuclear weapon the default excuse for the threats since at least the mid 1980s.

The increasing shrillness of the threats over the past several weeks however, have the omnipresent threat suddenly seeming much more serious, and with international schools closing their doors the residents of Tehran are stockpiling food and other supplies in case the bombs start falling.

Both the US and Israel have been threatening Iran for years, but recent speculation has mostly centered around Israel, with the belief that they intend to launch an attack soon, before the winter weather makes such an attack less convenient.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of