Arab League to Syria: Implement Plan in 15 Days

Activists Skeptical as Violence Continues

Speaking today on al-Arabiya Television, the Arab League’s Deputy Secretary-General Ahmad Ben Hali reported that Syria was told they have 15 days to implement the requirements of the Arab League’s peace plan, which the Syrian government agreed to earlier this week.

The deal would have Syria removing ground troops and in particular tanks from its cities and releasing every political detainee captured since the protests began in February. In return the Arab League would help Syria to hold talks with the opposition.

The regional media has treated the deal with skepticism, and activists within Syria express doubts that the regime will actually change its ways. Indeed, violence continue apace today and Syria shows no signs yet of implementation.

Still, that skepticism could evaporate quickly if the Assad regime actually does implement the reforms in the time allotted. Then again, if they had been able to implement reforms in a timely fashion they wouldn’t be facing such a massive protest movement in the first place.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of