Two NATO Soldiers Among 10 Killed in Afghanistan

A pair of NATO soldiers were killed today in a roadside bomb in the eastern portion of Afghanistan, according to reports from officials. The nationalities of the slain has so far not been disclosed.

Five Afghan soldiers were also reported slain in the far west of the country, in the Herat Province. Taliban spokesmen claimed responsibility for this attack, which was also a roadside bombing.

A third attack was reported in the Bagdis Province, where a suicide bomber attempted to attack an Afghan Army convoy. The blast killed three civilians and wounded two of the soldiers.

The attacks are noteworthy is that while civilians were killed in one, all three appear to have directly targeted military forces. The Afghan Taliban have been reportedly trying for years to convince their fighters to limit civilian casualties, with former leader Mullah Barader going so far as to write a whole pamphlet admonishing them not to kill bystanders whenever possible.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of