US Vows to ‘Unite the World’ Against Iran

US Embassies Move to Make the Case for 'International Action'

Obama Administration officials are out in force today both on the domestic media and in international diplomacy, aiming to “unite the world” against Iran in the wake of yesterday’s bizarre “assassination plot” claims.

Vice President Joe Biden insisted it was “critically important” to convince the rest of the world of the importance of “dealing with the Iranians,” while the hawkish Wall Street Journal termed the plot an “act of war.”

In the meantime, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton termed the plot a “dangerous escalation” by Iran and the State Department is said to have ordered all embassies around the world to make the case for “international action” against Iran.

The elephant in the room here, of course, is if the Obama Administration will finally use this convenient “plot” as an excuse for their long-threatened invasion of Iran. Though officials are careful not to broach the subject in their public comments, at least so far, the story seems to be a tailor-made excuse for starting another war, at a time when officials seem only too willing to commit US troops to another conflict.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of