Poll: Vets Say Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Weren’t Worth It

Endless Warfare Starting to Get Old, Vets Agree

With recent polls showing overwhelming opposition to the war in Afghanistan among the American public (which by and large is only vaguely aware the war in Iraq is still going on), the Obama Administration continues to insist the war is going to continue for a “long time.”

But it isn’t just the public, which is being taxed to fund these wars, which is getting sick of them. A new Pew poll shows growing opposition to the conflicts among veterans of those conflicts, with a majority now saying the wars haven’t been worth the cost.

With Pew’s most recent poll showing 28 percent of the general public feeling the wars were “worth it,” the eye-opening new poll shows that even the vets bombarded with constant claims that they’re doing something incredibly important aren’t buying it, with only 34 percent of them feeling the wars were worth it.

The poll showed troops have had a much more difficult time adjusting back into civilian life than in previous wars, and that 37 percent of them have suffered some post-traumatic stress. 10 years into the war in Afghanistan and officials openly talking of at least another 13 to go, a life of endless conflict for illusory “progress” and an ill-defined victory is clearly getting old.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.