Libya Rebels: New Govt to Be Introduced If Sirte Is Conquered

Growing Humanitarian Concerns as Attack on Gadhafi Hometown Continues

Some officials are reporting that the long-disputed National Transitional Council (NTC) cabinet has finally been settled, but already it looks like the NTC is preparing to move beyond its current incarnation and into a more formalized regime.

Leaders of the NTC are now saying that “after” Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte is finally conquered (which really should be “if” since the fighting has continued long beyond their projections of a quick victory) they will unveil a new “interim government.

The “interim” government would rule the country until elections were held, which could be quite a long time since even beyond Sirte there are a number of towns outside of the NTC’s control. It will be difficult for the NTC to balance its internal factions in appointing such a regime.

Meanwhile, human rights groups are expressing concerns about the civilian population of Sirte, as the offensive continues and the city has run low on food, water, and medical supplies. Medical workers say wounded people are dying on the operating table because the hospitals have no electricity and no oxygen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of