Gadhafi Rejects Regime Change as ‘NATO-Backed Charade’

Obama Demands Gadhafi Forces Immediately Submit

A statement issued by way of Syrian television by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi rejected the claims that his regime had fallen, insisting that the reports that the rebels had taken over the country were a “NATO-backed charade.”

Don’t believe that one regime has been overthrown and another imposed with the help of air and maritime strikes,” insisted Gadhafi, adding that it “is impossible that this system be removed.”

Gadhafi loyalists retain control of some cities, but they have lost most of their possessions in northwestern Libya, including the capital city of Tripoli. The far southern portions of the nation are only now starting to be attacked by the rebels.

But while Gadhafi was willing to offer a delusional belief that the civil war was well in hand for his regime, President Obama was eager to offer an equally delusional counterpoint demand that the remnants of the regime lay down all their arms and “realize the peace and prosperity that freedom can bring.” The rebels’ “freedom” has included mass arrests of people on the basis of race, and they are already gearing up for a second civil war once Gadhafi’s forces are defeated, with the defectors in the rebel council looking to oust the Islamists, and vice versa.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of