Cable Details Israeli Army’s Planned Abuse of Civilian Protesters

US Envoy: Israel Considers Any Protest an Excuse to Use Military

Whenever Israeli troops rough up civilian protesters, it is shrugged off as an isolated incident. One of the WikiLeaks cables, however, shows that it was explicit military policy to abuse civilians engaged in non-violent protests.

During a 2010 meeting, the cable notes, Israeli officials informed the US of their intention to be “more assertive” against peaceful demonstrations, with the US ambassador noting that the Israeli government believed any demonstration warranted military response.

An Israeli commander, Avi Mizrachi, insisted there was no reason for the Palestinians to protest and that they were organized by “suspicious people.” He added that since the protests “serve no purposes” anyone caught demonstrating would be arrested.

The position takes on a whole new perspective, however, in the face of massive protests later this month aimed at independence. The Israeli military’s abuse of human rights has also been a topic of discussion in the US Senate, though most in the Senate seem unwilling to oppose it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of