Syrian Forces Kill Dozens as Repression Continues

Progress away from human rights violations are slow, despite some signs

Syrian security forces randomly shot open rounds at crowds attending funeral processions in Homs on Saturday, killing at least six people and wounding many others.

The funeral processions were being held for those killed in crackdowns on pro-democracy protesters the day before. Not only have violent responses from government forces continued as of late, but Syrian troops have been raiding hospitals, rounding up the wounded and the dead.

As protests continued throughout the day, thousands of demonstrators called for the execution of President Bashar al Assad. In response, Syrian security forces killed as many as 23 people. Meanwhile, Syrian state television claimed three troops were killed by “armed terrorist groups who attacked them in Talbisa, Erbeen and Hammuriyeh.”

At least 2,200 people, including 391 security personnel, have been killed since the protests began in mid-March, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Still, signs of relief are not totally absent: army defections are on the rise, opposition groups are increasingly organized, and Syria is losing key regional allies as it is subjected to further sanctions by Western countries.

Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for