Ten Wounded as 30 Rockets Strike Israel

Most Rockets Caused No Damage, Officials Say

In the wake of yesterday’s coordinated attack in the southern Israeli town of Eilat and the military’s bombing of the Gaza Strip, at least 30 rockets from the strip were fired at targets inside Israel.

The majority of the rockets, as is so often the case, hit open fields and did no damage. One of the rockets hit a building in Ashdod, and sirens were sounded in multiple communities. Officials say that ten Israelis were wounded in the attacks.

Today’s rocket attacks followed in retaliation from multiple Israeli bombs against the Gaza Strip yesterday, and prompted yet more bombings by the Israeli warplanes that have become a regular sight in the skies over the tiny enclave.

It marks a significant escalation over recent air strikes and rocket attacks, which on both sides had been growing over the past few weeks. They had already led to calls from top Israeli officials to launch another ground invasion earlier this month, claiming the rocket attacks warranted another costly war against the strip.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.