US Hires Blackwater Subsidiary for Afghan Drug War

Years of Infamy, Investigations Don't Keep Them Out of Pentagon Contracting

The Pentagon has announced that it is hiring US Training Center Inc. (USTC), a subsidiary of Blackwater International (which renamed itself Xe Services after being humiliated by multiple Iraq lawsuits), to a major contractor for “counter-narcoterrorism activities in Afghanistan.”

The deal to bring USTC to bear in the Afghan drug war comes despite probes by both the Defense and State Departments of misconduct by Blackwater officials within Afghanistan, including reports that they misled officials and misappropriated government weaponry.

The new contract would have them providing “intelligence analyst support and material procurement” for NATO in the ongoing Afghan drug war, with Blackwater CEO Ted Wright said underscored their ability to provide “all-source intelligence expertise.”

The company’s constant efforts to “rebrand” seem to be aimed primarily at hiding from the public scorn Blackwater earned in Iraq, but don’t appear to be necessary from administration perspectives, as the US continues to eagerly hire them for multi-million dollar deals.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of