Libyan FM Offers Ceasefire, Transition to UN-Supervised Elections

Comments Reiterate Support for African Union Plan

Speaking Wednesday in an interview with the BBC, Libyan Foreign Minister Abdul Ati al-Obeidi reiterated the Gadhafi government’s position in even greater detail. The position reflected the government’s support for the African Union mediation.

Obeidi offered a full ceasefire verified by foreign observers, talks covering all issues including the possible replacement of Moammar Gadhafi, and a six-month transition period which would lead to UN supervised elections.

Such an offer would likely have been embraced by protesters early on, but after months of violence and a full scale civil war, there is little trust remaining among the rebel faction that such offers will actually be fulfilled. As good as it sounds, it might be too late, particularly with NATO digging its heels in for an open-ended war.

Obeidi also addressed the news that a number of NATO member nations are deploying “advisory” troops to East Libya. The foreign minister termed the moves a “step backwards” and insisted that there must be a political and not a military solution to the ongoing war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of