Analysts: Libya War Could Drag On Indefinitely

Gadhafi Seen Consolidating His Position

More and more countries are dispatching advisers to East Libya with a hope of currying favor with the rebel faction in Benghazi. Despite this, the rebel faction’s victory is by no means assured, and analysts are warning that the war could last indefinitely.

Indeed, Gadhafi’s forces have taken back such of central Libya from the rebels, and the term “stalemate” is thrown about so often that it seems to have lost all impact. NATO officials defend the war, but offer no exit strategy.

And while some say that the war is aimed at hastening his departure, experts see Moammar Gadhafi’s position strengthening in the near term. Few expect the rebels to be able to oust him any time soon, if ever, and Libya is heading for partition.

But the NATO leadership’s position points to partition without peace, as US, British and French officials rule out ending the war without Gadhafi leaving office. Increasingly it seems that isn’t going to happen, and NATO is being committed to an open-ended campaign.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of