US Intel Director Predicts Gadhafi Victory Without Military Intervention

White House Defends Assessment

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has once again sparked Congressional outrage today when, during testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, he predicted that the Gadhafi regime would ultimately reconquer Libya in the absence of (a presumably US-led) military invasion.

Senators were quick to condemn the prediction, saying it damaged efforts to oust Gadhafi. It seemed his prediction was aimed mostly at giving the US an excuse to “save” the rebels, despite repeated comments from the rebels opposing a foreign occupation.

The White House was quick to defend Clapper’s prediction, saying it was purely on the basis of the actual military force of both sides, and did not take into account the foreign intervention. NSA Thomas Donilon, added that once the intervention was taken into account, Gadhafi would surely lose.

Clapper has gained a growing amount of scorn in recent comments which ran afoul of the prevailing narrative, and once again today sparked anger, both for his Libya comments and for answering a question about the “biggest threat” to the US (hint: officials wanted him to say Iran) by answering Russia and China were the biggest threats. A number of senators have called for his immediate ouster for his inability to stay on message.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of