US ‘Consulate Employee’ Actually a CIA Spy

Second 'Employee' Wanted in Third Murder Fled the Country

British newspaper The Guardian has confirmed today long-standing rumors that US “consulate employee” Raymond Davis, arrested for murder in Lahore last month, is actually a CIA spy who was on assignment at the time of the killings.

Davis was arrested on January 27 after killing two people on the streets of Lahore. He claimed initially they were robbing him, but police now say he shot them in the back and even jumped out of the car and ran down the street to “finish off” one of them. The two have been reported to be ISI officials, though this was not yet confirmed.

The Obama Administration had demanded the release of Davis, claiming he was “our diplomat” and entitled to diplomatic immunity. Though the claim was rejected on the grounds that consulate employees don’t have immunity for murder, the news that he is a CIA makes this irrelevant anyhow, as foreign spies surely do not have diplomatic immunity for “on-assignment” killings.

A third Pakistani was killed on the streets of Lahore that day as well, after Davis called for “backup” and a car sped from his home and ran down a pedestrian. The Pakistani government had sought the driver to charge over this killing, but he is said to have fled the country.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of