Threat to Shame Bank of America Sparked Anti-WikiLeaks Plot

Security Firms Planned to Threaten WikiLeaks' Donors

Additional information is emerging over a revelation late last week that Anonymous hackers had uncovered a plot to move against WikiLeaks to “undermine” the organization ahead of a possible release of data embarrassing to US financial powerhouse Bank of America.

The plot, which is available as a PDF file incredibly enough, and included a myriad of methods of attacking the organization ahead of the possible release, including a specific call to move against Salon journalist Glenn Greenwald, saying the organization would “fold” if Greenwald could be convinced that his career was at jeopardy if he continued to support them.

The plot also included “proactive tactics,” including a full-on media campaign to convince the public that WikiLeaks is “radical” and a private email leaked later showed they also plotted to privately confront WikiLeaks’ donors, to “intimidate” them away from future donations.

One of the organizations that the document cited, Palantir, insisted that they”never will condone the sort of activities” that were recommended in the document, and insisted that they were never retained to personally attack anyone related to the WikiLeaks releases. They also said they have severed all ties to the organization that made the document detailing the plot.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of