After Half-Hearted Apology on Iraq, Blair Urges Attack on Iran

'Regrets' on Iraq Deaths Satisfy Few

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair offered a half-hearted apology today for the deaths in the Iraq War, insisted he “deeply and profoundly” regretted the deaths of troops and Iraqi civilians, sparking angry shouts of “too late” from protesters who were related to those who have died in the war.

Your lies killed my son,” one of the protesters declared, as Blair detailed how “up for” the invasion of Iraq he had been. Concerns are likely to grow even worse, however, as Blair segued from his “regrets” into his designs for a new, even bigger war in neighboring Iran.

Blair insisted the Iranians “disagree fundamentally with our way of life” and that they had to be answered with military force of arms. He added that it was time for America and Britain to “get our heads out of the sand” and attack Iran.

It suggests then that Blair’s “regrets” don’t imply a lesson learned, as his case for war with Iran, which he seems just as eager to start as the war with Iraq, is based on many of the same false allegations and mindless jingoism.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of