White House ‘Not Ready’ to Endorse Another Afghan Military Boost

Plan Floated to Add Another 73,000 Troops to Afghan Forces

Officials with the White House confirmed that they are “not ready” to endorse the latest plan to dramatically increase the size of the Afghan military, citing concerns about the major amounts of money it takes to support the large, but not particularly effective fighting force.

The current plan eyes the creation of a 305,000 soldier security force by October, but traditionally whenever the deadline for a goal is close officials just push it back another year and add a bunch more troops. The new targeted officials are floating is 378,000.

Each new goal dramatically increases the amount of money the US and other nations pump into the training program, and encourages Afghan officials to accept even less battle-ready recruits to meet their goals. This has made the force even less reliable and more prone to shooting their allies.

The Afghan Army is already larger than the nation could ever hope to afford, and the goals to make it ever larger seem to be about having a built in form of spending increases every year as hoping that the force will be decisive in some future battle.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.