US ‘Warns’ Palestinians Against Criticizing Settlements at UN

Insists Resolution Would 'Complicate' Peace

The Obama Adminstration angrily warned the Palestinian Authority as well as the United Nations against a new Security Council resolution which would criticize Israel for its massive expansion of settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

The US insisted the move would “complicate” peace talks between Israel and the PA, though with the talks entirely stalled for months on end that seems to be only a minor concern for many. The US was mum on the prospect of a veto, however.

Though the US traditionally vetos anything which even resembles criticism of Israel the resolution was deliberately worded to explicitly parrot US comments regarding the settlements, and it would be even more hypocritical than usual for the Obama Administration to veto it.

A number of US Senators have written a letter demanding the veto all the same, however, insisting that the efforts to criticize the illegal settlements proves the Palestinians want to “dictate terms to Israel.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of