US Officials Look to Extradite Assange From Sweden

'Informal Discussions' With Sweden to Acquire Dissident

Following his arrest yesterday in Britain for questioning related to some sexual assault charges, the Obama Administration is said to be seeking to acquire high profile political dissident Julian Assange, in the hopes that they can find something to charge him with.

Assange, whose website WikiLeaks has been leaking embarrassing State Department documents detailing myriad crimes by officials, has been officially condemned, with a number of top US political figures urging either his detention as an “enemy combatant” or his outright assassination as a “terrorist.” An effort to formally criminalize the publication of such documents is also under way in the Congress.

Despite Assange’s detention, the WikiLeaks website has continued to operate without interruption, and has continued to release State Department documents. The organization has promised to continue on even as they defense Assange against extradition.

Even assuming the US manages to obtain Assange through diplomatic machinations, it is unclear what, if anything, he could actually be successfully charges with, as the US Supreme Court has upheld the rights of media outlets to publish such information without fear of government censorship.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of