Pakistan Concerned at Rumors of Indian Troops Heading to Afghanistan

US Officials Seek to Reassure Pakistani Govt About India

With President Obama in the midst of a state visit to India and struggling mightily to defend his administration’s close ties to the Pakistani government, officials are also heading to Pakistan in an effort to reassure them about the close ties with India.

In particular, Pakistanis are expressing major concern about rumors that the US is going to ask India to commit group troops to Afghanistan, a serious concern for Pakistan but also a plausible report given India’s close ties with the Karzai government.

Though never particularly stable, Pakistan has long seen Afghanistan as their “fall-back point” in the event of a major war with India, and a place for the troops to retreat to when the going gets rough.

This has led to major consternation in Pakistan as India has cozied up to the Karzai government, and has even been identified as the source of some efforts by Pakistan’s intelligence community to support the insurgency.

The rumor about Indian group troops may well be just that, a rumor, but it underscores the seriousness with which Pakistan regards the goings on in Afghanistan, and has become yet another complicating externality to the mess that is the US-led occupation.

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