14 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan in 2 Days

Death Toll Again on the Rise in Afghanistan

The record 2010 death toll in Afghanistan is again on the rise today, as two days of attacks across the nation have left at least 14 NATO troops killed. The nationalities of the troops have yet to be released.

Six soldiers were killed yesterday in three attacks, including four who were killed in a single roadside bombing in the south. The other two were killed in separate incidents in the south and the east.

Eight more were killed today in five additional attacks, including three who died in an IED attackĀ  in the west of the nation, underscoring the reality that while the south is the most dangerous part of Afghanistan, the war is still very much active across the entire nation.

Today’s deaths bring the 2010 toll to 588, by far the most since the war began. Generally the violence begins to quiet down in November with the first frost, as decades of failed occupations bookending civil wars has left the nation with virtually no infrastructure, and most regions become virtually impassable in the winter.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.