Gates: Iraq War Will Always Be Clouded

Lack of WMDs Spoiling 'Outcome'

President Obama may be crowing about the ostensible “historical moment” that the fake end to the Iraq War has created, but his highest ranking throwback to the previous administration is somewhat more grim about the situation.

According to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates the lack of weapons of mass destruction, the initial justification for the invasion, would forever cloud the “outcome” of the war and spoil its view in the face of many Americans and Iraqis.

Of course the massive number of deaths, 4,416 American troops and an unknowable number of Iraqi civilians (estimates put the figure at over a million) are probably doing some of that clouding as well.

But while Secretary Gates laments the difficulty in convincing people that the war was “worth it,” the enormous number of dead people and conservatively three quarters of a trillion dollars spent are a difficult cost to come to grips with, even as President Obama insists that it is time to “turn the page” on a war that, despite all official indications, is still going on.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of