Biden: Too Soon to Declare Afghan War a Failure

Insists Wars Are 'On Track'

Speaking today at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Indiana, Vice President and war enthusiast Joe Biden declared that America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are both “on track” and that progress is being made in each.

The optimistic Biden chastized the public for believing that the nine year old Afghan War was a failure, insisting it was “much too soon” to judge what some are calling the longest war in American history. Recent polls have showed the vast majority of Americans opposing the conflict.

But Biden insists that the Obama Administration’s mulitple escalations and the installation of Gen. David Petraeus mean “we now are only beginning” in the Afghan War. He assured that the July 2011 drawdown date wouldn’t mean a pullout.

On the subject of Iraq, Biden mocked those who suggested that violence would rise ahead of the drawdown, insisting it “didn’t happen.” Last month saw the highest death toll of Iraqi civilians in over two years.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of