Clinton Warns Myanmar on Nukes

Claims Reports of North Korean Arms Shipments to Junta

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today demanded that Myanmar abandon any secret nuclear weapons programs that they might theoretically have. Clinton also claimed Myanmar was violating North Korea sanctions by accepting arms shipments from the nation.

Opposition figures have recently been pointing to buildings and fences near the Myanmar capital city of Naypyidaw as evidence that the Myanmar junta has some sort of nuclear weapons program. Analysts say they are nowhere near acquiring such a weapon, but that it was possible that they might have a route to having one in the future.

Clinton’s comments came at the Southeast Asia regional talks in Vietnam, and she urged the various nations of the region to commit to pressing the secretive junta on the hypothetical program.

The US Senate also announced today that it was renewing sanctions against Myanmar, citing human rights violations. The measure comes one week after a similar vote by the House of Representatives.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of